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Our team of professional college admission advisors has over 125 years of combined admission experience. We help our students achieve their admission goals for more than 22 decades. We offer comprehensive, personalized programs to guide you whether your student is in the 8th grade, asking what classes he or she will be taking as a school approach or an elder who is already engaged in a university application or a current school student considering a transfer. Our proven approach in expert counseling services assures that learners get into their appropriate universities, with 92% of our students attending one or both of their three top-choice schools by 2019. The findings speak for themselves. Your admission counselor interacts for the client in our program:

  • Refine training programs, tests, and extracurricular activities.
  • Study-related colleges and build a comprehensive list of colleges that represent the needs and wants of your student.
  • Enable and ultimately select teachers to make letters of recommendation easier or better for the teacher.
  • Identify and suggest extracurricular, summer, and internship events.
  • Schedule and prioritize college visits, including college interview preparations.
  • Hold the student on the job with all the university test elements.
  • The personal statement and any additions must be planned, written up, updated, and changed to refine them and bring bright, persuasive solutions.

Review admission deals and build a waitlist and postponement plan.

expert counselling services

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Long-term Counseling Services

Our programs, no matter where they are in the university admission process or where they are, are tailored to suit each student. Several hour-based programs include integrated university counseling, university guidance, and research to ensure that students reach their full potential both within and outside of class. Our platform offers a safe interface for enrollment counselors, tutors, and parents to monitor the success of applicants and connect and interact 24/7. The whole cycle will be streamlined via our website for expert counseling services.

School graduations, classes, events, Summer Plans, and prizes are taken into consideration all four years of high school, so it is crucial to start the cycle of planning your degree as early on as you can as your academic profile as a school candidate is focused on the first three years of high school. Students will work with their counselors to identify the interests, plan challenging courses, select appropriate extracurricular activities, and apply for summer experiences during their newest and sophomore years.

As students enter the Junior Year, which is their most crucial college planning year, they meet with their college counselor to carry out their test-early plans. They are still focusing on an excellent course and are doing a difficult job for the senior year.

Students will work with their advisors to finalize their college list of applications, including their declarations and all additional information, up to and during their senior year to complete forms well into the deadlines. With individual counselor guidance, students can submit applications to the Roundtable, which will provide feedback from our entire counseling team, with over 200 years of experience in collective admission for expert counseling services.

The Roundtable that simulates the admission committee process examines all aspects of each application. It provides constructive feedback that allows students to implement critical changes and submit their best possible applications before submitting them. Once agreements have been made, students can determine whether to sign to have instructions about how to cope with postponement to wait for lists.

Senior Program

The Senior Plan is a perfect option for students who wish to provide our broad spectrum of programs in the summer that leads to and through the fall. Our expert admission administrator will work in conjunction with our university admissibility advisor on all aspects of the common application, including the personal declaration and supplements to the school, to develop their balanced colleges and finalize their college list as a part of our expert counseling services. The Roundtable simulates the evaluation cycle for the admission committee and delivers input from our whole team of specialist experts to students enrolling in the Senior Program.

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Review of the Application

You have done your Common Application and the top-choice school supplement, but are you sure that it is ready to apply? Before it counts, read the query by an aged admissions officer! The Application Evaluation by our expert counseling services is suitable for candidates searching for a comprehensive, professional analysis of these applications and who are willing to correct some red flags before delivery. “A specialist can examine all facets of the use of in-depth and recommend changes. Including:

Evaluate all application materials, including the common application and the personal statement of the student thoroughly, add an essay, summary, transcript, and more.

Technical advice for improving and complementing the program from changes to the task chart to suggestions for critiques to papers.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Ali Shaan, Harvard University

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